Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK – Thursday 13 November, 2014

Last Chance To Get Exclusive Project Brabham Perks

Project Brabham has entered the final days of its crowdfunding campaign to return the iconic Brabham Racing team to the track with a more accessible, transparent and sustainable racing model. Fans, drivers and engineers have until midnight (Pacific Time) on Saturday, 15 November, to take advantage of the exclusive offers and gift perks.

David Brabham’s bold vision has already succeeded in hitting its first target of £250,000 six days ahead of deadline, making Project Brabham the biggest successfully funded Sports crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Since then the total has risen to £265,442 from 2,764 global contributions, just over £4,500 shy of ensuring Project Brabham makes history as the biggest successfully funded sports campaign across any known, major global crowdfunding platform.  

By crowdfunding the first stage of Project Brabham, fans, drivers and engineers are joining Brabham Racing’s already astonishing new journey back to team competition. The community will be rewarded with access to the inner workings of a race team from its early days of development to its return as a world-class outfit and beyond.

Project Brabham challenges conventional thinking on how a team goes racing by being more engaging, interactive and inspirational. It is about going racing for a higher purpose than just showing who is the best on the track and spending huge sums of money in the process.

Through the Brabham-Digital online portal, the team will reveal information that is normally a closely guarded secret. The community will be asked for their opinions on certain team decisions, starting from as early as late December when members will be asked to vote on some exciting opportunities.

Brabham Racing aims to return in the FIA World Endurance Championship for a three-year programme in the LMP2 class before moving up to LMP1. However, series such as Formula E are also a consideration while the team ultimately aspires to take its open source racing model to Formula 1.

Anyone contributing to Project Brabham before midnight (PST) this Saturday can get a three-year subscription to one of the three Brabham-Digital online experiences – Brabham-Fan, Brabham-Driver and Brabham-Engineer. Lifetime membership is also available through the £500 ($800 USD $910 AUD) Founder package, of which 171 have been purchased.

Supporters also have until Saturday to take advantage of the exclusive Brabham Christmas Gift Box (for UK and international delivery) and the chance to have your, or a loved one’s, name on the first Brabham Racing team car. Other available perks include FIA WEC Hospitality packages, as well as the chance to become a Brabham Racing engineer at Le Mans.

Brabham-Digital pre-order options will be available after the first phase of crowdfunding closes this weekend, but on a one-year subscription basis.

Brabham Racing Team Principal David Brabham commented: “Project Brabham has exploded onto the world stage with its inspirational and innovative new approach for a team to go racing. We will open the doors of Brabham Racing to give fans the opportunity to be involved from the beginning, and provide an open platform of online learning experiences for those who want to understand how to become the ultimate racing driver or engineer.

“As we move onto the next phase of Project Brabham, we will keep our community up to date with developments as we start to build Brabham-Digital and bring the famous Brabham name back to race tracks around the world. It’s going to be an incredible journey and we’d like as many people as possible to join Project Brabham and become part of our team.”

Join the new Brabham Racing journey and become part of the team by visiting the Project Brabham crowdfunding page