London, UK - Sunday 27 October, 2013

Sam Brabham Makes MRF Challenge Debut

Sam Brabham delivered a solid start to his debut MRF Challenge campaign by delivering two finishes on the cusp of the top 10, with 11th and 12th places at the Buddh International Circuit, Dehli, as the opening series rounds supported the Formula One Indian Grand Prix.

The 19 year-old third generation driver commented: “The MRF Challenge event was an amazing experience. From racing with guys that have driven F1 cars to driving a car with real downforce for the first time, I knew it was going to be a steep learning curve but I think I did a pretty good job.

“The MRF Challenge and racing the MRF Formula 2000 car is a big step up for me. I had one practice session to learn the car, the circuit, and how to left foot break, so I think I did well to qualify 14th and finish 11th and 12th in the races.

“It was interesting to go from being at the front of the Formula Ford grid to being in the middle of the pack. But it shows the level and quality of drivers and, although I’m still learning, I’m sure I’ll be able to close the gap in Bahrain next month.

“Supporting the Formula One Indian Grand Prix was an experience I’ll never forget, as supporting F1 is something I’ve always dreamt of doing. You usually don’t get to do that until GP2 or GP3 level, so although I didn’t think it would happen this quickly, I’m really glad it has.

“This is still my first season racing cars and I’m competing in the MRF Challenge to learn. I’m not expecting to be up the front yet, but if I can keep improving all the time then that’s perfect. It will only stand me in good stead for next season.”

Brabham will travel to Bahrain to contest the second rounds of the MRF Challenge 2013 on 28-30 November, which will support the final leg of the FIA World Endurance Championship.